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An Agenda For Positive Change!

The war in Iraq is costing taxpayers $8 billion per month that could be going toward what matters most — expanded health care coverage for kids, an energy policy that frees us from our dependence on foreign oil, and common-sense immigration reform that secures our borders without undermining our mainstream values.

My opponent apparently thinks that’s a fair trade-off. Why else did he vote for the President’s war and continue to support it long after the majority of Americans stopped?

We need a change in Washington. Now.

Here’s my agenda for positive change:

  • Healthy Kids. Break the insurance industry’s stranglehold on health care and expand benefits to every child of every working parent.
  • Energy Independence. Developing alternative energy sources is a key to our future progress and prosperity.
  • Immigration Reform. Secure our borders, enforce employer sanctions against those who hire undocumented workers, and stop illegal immigrants from cutting in line ahead of legal immigrants.

Last November, voters overwhelmingly chose a new direction. But here in CD-10, we just got more of the same. I will work to redirect our resources toward an agenda for positive change.

Dan Grant

10 Days to Go Till the June 30 Deadline!

The next fundraising reports are due on June 30, just 10 days from now. A strong report will prove that the families and small businesses of CD-10 want to get our country headed in the right direction again.

Please give what you can today by clicking here: http://dangrantforcongress.com/contribute/.

The incumbent and his Washington, D.C. allies will have plenty of resources to fund their usual negative attacks. Your generous contribution to Dan’s campaign for positive change can make the difference!


21 June 2007 | Campaign News


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