Dan Grant Campaign Update Vol VI

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We Need a Change in Washington — Now!

Four years ago, before he was forced to resign in disgrace, Tom DeLay redrew our Congressional map and imposed a new representative on one of the most dynamic regions in the country.

Today, DeLay’s gift to us ranks as one of the least influential members of Congress, according to the latest non-partisan power ranking.

Thanks to Tom DeLay, we have an incumbent Congressman who comes in at an anemic 414 out of Congress’ 435 voting members — tied with Phil Gingrey of Georgia, one of the chamber’s most radical ideologues, and just a point behind Jeff Flake, the aptly named fringe member from Arizona.

With a civil war in Iraq costing us $8 billion each month and an insurance industry stranglehold that prevents us from expanding health coverage to every eligible child, the last thing we can afford on Capitol Hill is more of the same.

We need a change in Washington. Now.

5 Days Till the June 30 Deadline!

If you agree that you deserve better leadership in Congress, please put your money where your mouth is: http://dangrantforcongress.com/contribute/.

The next fundraising reports are due just five days from now, and you can help make sure we reach our goal of $50,000 this period and show that the families and small businesses of CD-10 want to get our country headed in the right direction again.


25 June 2007 | Campaign News


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