“Our nation is headed in the wrong direction, and the last thing we need is more of the same. Let’s make a fresh start in a new direction.”

Restore America’s positive place in the world

  • Implement a smart strategy to end our involvement in Iraq’s civil war and bring our brave men and women home
  • Repair relations with traditional allies and forge new strategic alliances in global trouble spots

Improve national security

  • Provide more resources for community first responders, police, firefighters, and other emergency personnel.
  • Secure the border and enforce existing immigration law

Fight for energy independence

  • Promote alternative energy sources to end dependence on foreign oil
  • Enforce existing laws against gas and utility price gouging

Reduce national debt

  • Balance the federal budget and make Congress do what every Texas family has to — live within its means — with common-sense pay-as-you-go deficit reduction policies.
  • Eliminate earmarks and other special-interest pork

Guarantee Affordable Health Care

  • Implement open disclosure of all health care related prices and create a single risk pool to leverage down insurance costs
  • Reverse cuts in Medicare reimbursements to doctors

Strengthen middle-class families

  • Restore federal funding for Pell Grant and other assistance programs that help eligible middle-class families afford college.
  • Restore Social Security taxes taken from middle-class families and protect our pensions

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